Twitter for Used Car Dealers: The Basics

Car buyer uses Twitter to learn about used car options.

How to Use the Popular Platform to Drive Preowned Vehicle Sales.

Tweet your way to better used car sales? It’s being done by successful preowned vehicle dealers every day.


Want to learn how to do it right? Here’s everything you need to know to tweet like a pro and MORE.


Keep your Twitter handle simple.

Sure, it’s sometimes difficult to find a decent Twitter handle that’s still available. It seems like all the good ones have already been claimed. However, it’s important to get creative and find something that’s easy, memorable and relates to your business. It should include your dealership name or something related to your value proposition around selling used cars. Keep it short so it’s easy to communicate and remember.


Make smart use of your bio.

You only have 160 characters to craft your business bio on Twitter. Use them in a smart way to explain key points about your business and get people to visit your dealership online.


Make the most of imagery.

A picture is worth a thousand words. That’s true, even on Twitter. Use your profile and header images to help convey what makes your dealership special. Do you deliver a great customer experience? Maybe you have unique cars in your inventory. Whatever it is, don’t waste an opportunity to use these images to help explain the value you provide to customers.


Point people to the RIGHT website URL.

Don’t assume that the best place to direct people to is your website homepage. Do you have special promotions going on? Maybe you’ve released an interesting piece of content on your blog. Whatever the case, use your Twitter profile to send people to whatever is current and interesting and that will drive business results.


Remember to include your business location.

Used car dealerships are typically local businesses selling to people in their communities. Make sure you include your location in your profile so it’s easy for shoppers to find you. While you’re at it, connect with other businesses in your community via Twitter. It could be a great way to build new partnerships and gain referral business.


Leverage hashtags.

Using smart hashtags in your tweets that are relevant to your brand and location could result in twice the level of engagement with your tweets. If you do anything to optimize your dealership Twitter marketing, it’s taking time to understand how you can make the most of hashtags.


Connect with influencers.

This is where you move beyond tweeting and actually build relationships in the Twitter sphere. Start by following people in the automotive industry along with leaders in your community. Encourage them to retweet your content. People act on what influencers they respect tell them to do. It’s one of the best ways to use Twitter to drive sales.


Get into conversations with your followers.

Social media is “social” for a reason. It’s because it’s not about talking “at”. It’s about getting into a dialogue “with”. Your followers expect some value from following your dealership. You owe it to them to share helpful content and to take time to discuss it with them. Make sure you have someone designated to answer questions, ask them and reply to comments that come through Twitter.


Pin it.

Many dealers aren’t familiar with pinned tweets. For those that aren’t, it’s the tweet which appears at the top of your profile for a period of time. Do you have an amazing vehicle for sale? Have you created a great video or blog post? Pin a Tweet about it at the top of your Twitter feed. It will help it get the attention it deserves from more people.



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