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Have you been striking out at selling lately? Find out how you can learn from your mistakes and improve your used car selling record.
Find out about all the little mistakes that used car dealers make that could lead to big problems and how to avoid them.
Ratings and reviews have become a critical part of business success. This is especially true for used car dealers. Having stellar scores and awesome testimonials will drive customer traffic to your lot or website. Bad reviews and negative comments will keep shoppers from checking you out.   According to recent research: More than nine out …

How to Go from Being a Three Star to

Find out everything you need to know to test new marketing and sales messages that will resonate with used car buyers during the pandemic and beyond.
Find out all the things used car dealers need to do to optimize their tax and financial positions at the end of the year.
Find out how you can build a brand your used car dealership that stands out from all the competitors in your area.
Do you feel less than confident about selling electric vehicles (EVs) through your used car dealership?   More and more drivers are interested in them today than ever before. And the trend is growing. You could be limiting sales and revenue at your dealership now and in the years ahead if you don’t actively promote …

Committing to Electric Vehicle Sales Will Position Your Used

Want to increase business at your used car dealership?   Remember a simple maxim to maximize your sales: If you delight them, they will come… Again. And again. And again.   The happier a customer is when they drive off your lot, the more likely they will be to do repeat business with you. Even …

Seven Ways to Delight Your Customers to Drive Used

Find out everything you need to know for your used car dealership to improve your Google ranking so more prospective customers can find you.
Want to gain better control over your used car dealership’s inventory? Managing the colors of the vehicles on your lot could help you sell more at higher prices.
Think you can’t use Twitter to sell used cars? Think again! Find out how you can use the popular platform to drive preowned vehicle sales.
Find out how preowned vehicle dealers can maximize profits during challenging times.
Preowned vehicle dealers are finding it hard to get new inventory. Check out our proven tips for buying cars at a reasonable margin.
You can believe it: Linkedin can be one of the most powerful social promotion tools for used car dealers during these challenging times. Learn why and how to use it correctly.
Learn how becoming a more “likable” salesperson could help you close more used car deals.

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