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Shop and compare used cars

Scan extensive inventory in the comfort of your home​

Compare assorted makes and models offered by multiple dealers​

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Choose from custom tailored inventory with accurate pricing

Dependable Reviews

Our algorithm is designed to amass reliable ratings.​

Because we are a marketplace with select dealers, we monitor dealer and buyer behavior.​

Only dealers who meet our customer satisfaction standards stay on our platform.​

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Our value proposition

Champ gives you a shopping experience you can trust​

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Accurate payments


Eliminate the Sales pitch


Lender Disclosure


Guaranteed Rates


Optional Warranty and Gap


Fair Trade-In Value


Avoid Unnecessary Trips to Dealerships

Test Drive or Delivery
Before Closing the Deal

After you have selected your vehicle, agreed on the price and completed the preliminary documentation online, you can test drive the car before making a final decision.

Select dealers also offer 5 days return guarantee.

Once you have finalized your decision, complete the deal on Champ’s App and submit a review.

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